4GB ScanDisk Cruzer flash drive only $24.98 from Staples



4GB ScanDisk Cruzer $24.98 after $7 instant coupon! Not a bad price for 4GB.


You must be lonely with no replies. It’s a decent price. Hmm it should come with good soft ware :confused: like u3 or something…


[quote=Matthew12222;2003008]it should come with good soft ware :confused: like u3 or something…[/quote]ReadyBoost and U3.


Its a good deal larc919, I bought an 8gbs Sandisc Flash Drive with the U3 and ready boost software for 39.99 on BlackFriday at Staples and I use it all the time.


Normal price for it here in Egypt is 32$ with no taxes added :slight_smile:

I am waiting for 8GB to come down in price then I am all on it :bigsmile:


Best deal is Micro Center’s 8GB for $29.99



What the hell is micro center mate? i am personally not one to trust a name i don’t even know :confused:


It a very big store chain in the USA, mostly on the West Coast, google is your friend M8.


Thanks alan


I dont recommend any1 running Vista and put this thumb drive in since the U3 Launchpad from Sandisk is not supported by Vista. They haven’t updated to version 1.13. My System Crashed a few times because of the U3 Launch Pad from Sandisk. Every other company launched U3 Launchpad version 1.14 already and Sandisk is still on 1.12. What you can do is to remove the Launchpad software that comes with the thumb drive by downloading the software removal on Sandisk.com download. But you must have a computer with XP to do this.


Excellent advice ghettocowboy, I was just thinking the same thing.:iagree:


Or you can use that XP machine to upgrade the U3 Launchpad software to the current version 1.402. All of my SanDisk Cruzer Micro flash drives came with version 1.302 installed.


InkStop has them on sale for $19.99 and no rebate. Their stores are popping up everywhere…


Store locator only. Nothing about their sales ads. I believe their sale ad ends friday.