4gb & 8gb memeory stick pros show same amount of time on my camera



I recently purchased a sandisk memory stick pro 8Gb from ebay. Upon receiving it, I put it in my sony digigcam, & set my digicam video setting to “fine” its fine is 640 x 480 at 30 fps. I shoot video with the digicam, it is decent & saves me carrying 2 different electronics for each purpose; photos & video.

But the new 8gb card did not show any more minutes than my other 4gb cards. the 4gb cards showed about 50 minutes, & the new 8gb card showed 46 minutes. I bought it for more capacity & video time. In actual fact, it had may 1 or 2 minutes less than the 4gb. Why is this?

another detail, I did notice that the ebay 8gb san disk card was black, & I see most sandisk cards & my 4gb are blue. I have a feeling maybe I have a fake?


Did you check if your Sony digicam actually can handle the complete 8gb of a memory stick pro?

If you are not sure if you bought a legit Sandisk, you should contact Sandisk about it. See also this old thread.