49 x?

how is this possible that my 44x writer (yamamha crw-f1e) - writed 49x :confused:

how can i past a image

CloneCD may have a cosmetic glitch.

They have had such glitches in the past.

It’s was a bug in older CloneCD versions! I don’t know which version you’re using h4wk? Check this thread for instance where the bug was also reported using CloneCD 4 BETA 4.

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how can i past a image

Like thus

@ gamefreak

i used the version #


Hmm then it must be a glitch in CloneCD. Your burner cannot burn faster than 44x. That’s a fact :wink:

funny, i was burning something with nero withe the same drive. One time it said 51x, another time it said 64.8x!!

I think i had a buffer-underrun and when it was getting up to speed it only displayed it for a second.

I don’t have any webspace, however i can send the pics to someone if they want them.

Hmm then it’s not be a glitch in CloneCD but a ‘problem’ with your system. It’s of course not a real problem… Perhaps some software is interfering. I’ve seen the problem before. Check this screenshot for example reported in the Nero TIP : Show actual write speed ! thread.