48x24x48x doesn't recognize 90min CD-R

my px 48x24x48x 1.03 doesn’t recognize correctly 90min cd-r or 99min (100min) cd-r. is it a cd-r brand problem?
it recognize 90min cd-r as 80min 70xMB and 99min as something like 170MB

anyone has this problem?


You should have no problems with the 90 min cds but with the 99 mins yes. If u look among the articles on cdfreaks.com or on plextor’s website ull find it that u can write up to 94.55 minutes but i hope just aswell that maybe a firmware update will fix this problem!!

90 and 99 minute media are always detected as being a smaller size (most of the time they’re detected as 80 minute media). This information can also be found on the Plextor Europe website:

[i]Q: (15/03/02) My Plextor drive recognises a 90 min CD only as 80 mins?

A: Plextor drives are manufactured according to the Orange Book standard. 90, 95 and 99 mins media are not part of this standard and cannot be supported. For more info please check the CD Media page.[/i]

ok… but I have the latest firmware… and nero doesn’t allow me to burn more than the free space it detects on the CD : 80min 709MB… :frowning:
so… ???

Overburning Option!!!

u actually have it in Nero’s preferences!!

Sorry i dont know why i wrote NERO but still u should be able to write upto that point usin any software that supports overburning feature!!

File, Preferences, Expert Features, Enable overburn, set maximum length to 94 minutes. That will do the trick.

the problem is that when I’m burning from an iso, nero wouldn’t ask me if I want to overburn the media, and it automatically ejects cd asking for a bigger blank one

You have overburning enabled in the Expert Features? Also upgrade to the latest Nero Burning Rom version v5.5.10.7b. When Overburning is enabled Nero should ask if you want to use it. Does it work?

I have latest version and overburn enabled. It only asks me if I burn from a new compilation (cd-rom, audio cd, video cd, etc…) and not if I cancel dialog box, and click Flie, Burn Image…
anyone with this prob?

Too bad I don’t have an image of 94 minutes or so to test it myself… You could of course try to unpack the image (with IsoBuster for example) and then burn the files… or is that not an option?

it isn’t an option… it’s an xbox file system iso image and it can’t be unpacked or it would’t be recognized by the console… :frowning:

New firmware for the Plex 48/24/48 is out:

PX-W4824TA V1.04
Fixed Bugs:
Reformatting a Mount Rainier disc will generate an error.
Correct identification of >79 minutes media
Writing up to 99 minutes
Limit read speed for digital playback of Audio CD to 8X to avoid noise
Write quality on Verbatim 16X CD-R media