48x24x48 or 52x24x52 Lite-On?



Hi, i have choice of either of the drives (price the same). i want to use this as the main read drive. i dont do much ripping at all. noise is a factor,
id prefer to wait a few seconds longer if its going to be quieter.

does the 52x take longer to speed up or access?
is the 52x much noisier?
what should i go for the 48 or 52?

would a dvd drive have quicker access time? for data discs etc

thanks for any help!!

  1. No. In fact, the new 52327S takes half the access time as the older 52x model.

  2. When you burn at 52x, ALL drives are noisy.

  3. If you can find the 52x32x52 52327S, that would be even better. But if you can’t, take the 52246S.

  4. 52327S access time = 80ms (typical). 166S access time = 120ms (typical).