48x12x48x + Oxford 911 firewire = incompatibility?

I cant get this combo to work together. I have tested both items seperately and they work. The CD-RW lite just flashes when the drive is in the inclosure. It dosent do much else. Anyoune have a firmware update for the Oxford 911 firewire chipset? I tryed upgrading the drives firmware. Anyone else have this problem?:confused:

I was able to fix the problem by editing some of the settings in the Oxford 911’s firmware setup. You will need the flash update utility, which isn’t commonly available, to do this though.

The setting you want is to enable the 6 second powerup delay. The problem is that the LiteOn drive takes too long to initialize on the IDE bus so the 911 doesn’t see it. This setting makes the 911 wait a little while before probing the bus.

Anyway I could get this from you as I have no way of getting ahold of it. interx@pacbell.net

Hey, don’t do this… I 've killed the FireWire-Port on my external Storage-Case with flashing any firmware from Oxford Semi.
Some manufactureres like MAPOWER Inc. seem to change the firmware for their products.
I 've tested, reflashing isn’t possible…
Better you will change your case or adapter to anything other