48x for sale

Has anyone actually found 48x media for sale anywhere? I bought some 40x’s from CMC and Taiyo Yuden but haven’t found any with 48x as the certification. I know Ritek is planning some but I don’t know if they are out and around.:confused:

I’ve yet to see a 40X certified disc in the stores here in Norway…

I usually shop online for this stuff as they seem to have things before the brick and motar stores. For instance, I found the 40x disks by CMC then Taiyo Yuden on CD Dimensions.:cool:

heh, yeah I was not talking about stores locally they usually only have 24X certified discs…

I’ve yet to see a Norwegian webshop selling 40X certified discs…

well i’ve just started a pc retail business with a friend of mine and we just got some 48x TDK D-View disks in 20 in a box with slimline cases, were sellin them for £12 a box, pcworld have the same for £16.99 rated 16x so maybe everywere needs to ditch there curent stock before they can get the faster rated in stock.



Hey megazoid how do I go about buying stuff from you?..you got a website or a contact adress mate?..dave

Just got some of these TDK 48x rated discs from Macro UK £9.99 + vat for 20 in slimline cases.

Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Phthalocyanine
ATIP Lead-in = 97m 15s 05f
Norminal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = TDK M-dye
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 48X

Tested them with nero speed disc, averaged at 37.07x with a perfect CAV line.

yeah megazoid where is ur shop? u dont hapen to go 2 bowlers in manchester do you?

btw, what do Tiao Yuden sell as? tdk?

They really rip you guys off on those disks. I just bought 200 TY 48x disks from CD Dimensions for $59, no VAT here and no tax on them. I think it cost me $15 to ship but I didn’t take the cheapest ship method which was probably around $10. It’s a shame that they will not ship out of the USA. They were unbranded as well. Isn’t there some way to get comparable prices as I just stated or are there places and they are just hard to find?:confused:

Yeah, we’re out of luck here. Hard to believe but the average media is still 24x :Z

I found some 48x Princo’s but strangely enough they only burn at 40x. However, the TDK certified 24x will painlessly burn at 48x

Hello, Nick !

Looks like your newly “reborned” drive works OK, doesn’t it ?
And you know what ?! The funniest thing is that we 3 in a row - KenL, you and I - have one thing in common and now we are at the same place together :slight_smile: All the 3 of us succeeded with reviving the drives with the same jumper trick :bigsmile:

What’s the current situation w the 40-48x media there, DownUnder ?

this company is selling 48 speed media i don`t know who makes them but it is a good price

 cheers   spike

yeah, but it says also " Out of stock " :bigsmile:


I wonder if you ever bought anything from www.bigpockets.co.uk/

I’m particularly interested in the following ones :

"BULKPAQ 40X Branded White 80min CDR
Pack of 100 discs
This is the latest BULKPAQ Branded 40X speed 80 min disc

This quality disc has a white top surface with BULKPAQ logo and is rated to 40x speed. It has a light silver/green recording surface and comes in spindles of 100 discs

Sold in packs of 100 discs @ £14.95 per pack "

I’ve never heard of Bulkpaq before.
Have you ?


The 40-48x CD-Rs are not very common here and it’s very difficult to find them in shops. We have regular PC Markets where you can find them at a decent price. Still, the only 48 speed ones we’ve been able to find are the Princos which will only burn at 40x

i have`nt bought from bigpockets but my m8 has and there backup is excellent so i will try them soon

         cheers  spike

That’s what I too recently heard. Sounds fab !

Thanks !

i see that the 48speed cdrs are back on sale at bigpockets for £11:99 for 100 not bad

  cheers  spike

i have just ordered 100 of the 48 speed cdrs i will post on here when i get them and let you all know what they are like

    cheers  spike