48x dvd?



inquiring what everybody thinks about the mention of it in the news blurb here at cd freaks and the original interview with oak technology at digitimes

they mention 48x dvd read spead in only the second half of this year? that they are already shipping chips

i was under the impression that 16-20x was the fundamental limit due to interference or noise, whereas with cd's its ~12k rpm ~48-52x

are dvd drives going to jump right to the same rotation and read speads in just a couple months?

wouldnt be of all that much use to me now as there arent many dvd software titles out, but once i get a dvd burner and use it for the numerous things that i do with cd's now... reading back at ~60megs/sec will be absolutely awesom


perhaps multiple lasers?

i know nothing about the hardware limitations…im just stabbing in the dark


48x dvd with only one laser would require rotation speeds of about 30.000/min (note that 1x DVD requires higher rotation speeds than 1x CD), which would destroy your discs as well as your ears.


you’re right, it would, i checked all the rpm numbers on it

1x clv is 1400rpm at the beginning of the disc, 550 at the end, so 16x at the end is 16x550 or 8800

so what is the liteon ceo or whatever talking about? it really looks as though he was talking about 48x dvd

so if 16x dvd is 8800 rpm, will we at least see 20x dvd at 11k rpm?