48x CD-R burning at 10x

I recently bought a 48x CD-R drive but when burning CD’s it only burns at 10x. Is there anyway I can fix this?

before you go ahead and rush to post your question you should check if anyone else has paosted something similar by doing a ‘search’ first and then maybe you should ACTUALLY give us more info on what EXACTLY your trying to say ?? what burner? what cd media your using? how can anyone help you ?

Goto :

LiteOn FAQ : How do I enable DMA ?

Maybe you’re using a 10x CDRW disc?

Right, sorry I didn’t post more information earlier. I am using a Liteon 48125W. It is 48x12x48. I am using 48x CD-R’s. It is a master on it’s own IDE ribbon ( which incidently is new ). I am using Nero and as previously stated I am only achieving speeds of 10xish. Is there any more information that might be needed?

What are you burning? (what’s the source).
What are the buffers doing during the burn, read buffer and drive buffer. Using a blank CDR, run CDSpeed transfer rate test and see what it says.

maybe smart-burn is on, and its thinking that your cd r’s are only good to write @ 10x…? are they branded cdr’s?

use neros ‘cd speed’ and go to ‘cdr info’ option and check out what is says about your cdrs.