48x burns and no errors!

I got my replacement 48125S from NewEgg today, one week after mailing the bad one in. The drive is marked June,2002 mfg date and shipped with VS04. I updated to VS06 and ran a couple tests. All burns are at 48x.
On 40x TY, (Fuji) it reads no C2 and minimal C1 in WSES. This is as clean a burn as I have seen in WSES, at ANY speed.
On 40x CMC, (SpinX unlabled silver/silver) it also reads no C2 and just a little more C1. Boy, am I a happy camper, I got a GOOD one! I guess I’ll leave it alone.
Reading both discs in the O/C’d 40x drive shows a lot more C1 (off the scale), and a lot of C2 on the CMC, also some C2 on the TY.

Have to wonder if the drives are getting better, or if I just got lucky. I’ll run a few dozen burns through it and see how it’s doing.

Where can i get WSES?

Excuse me for my ignorance, but can someone explain what WSES is??? :confused:


rdgrimes are you reading the cdr with the new 48x liteon or with your dvd drive??

WSES is a dos based program to evaluate the C1 and C2 errors on a burned cdr…

Reading with the new 48x drive, full speed reading. On the O/c’d 40x drive, there are more errors, but still less than a disc burned on the 40x. On the 163D, most everything looks error-free in CDSpeed, but it is much more likely to slow for the bumpy spots.

interesting for me my ltd 163 finds errors that my o/ced 40x does not…in fact both my 24102B and o/ced 40x will read most discs with no errors but if I use the dvd it will report usually one damaged sector with cd speed and not always in the same place

Perhaps the 163D is a better reader? Or maybe another one of those firmware things?

Originally posted by nealh
interesting for me my ltd 163 finds errors that my o/ced 40x does not…

You have to keep in mind that the errors are a combination of reading AND writing. A writer could write a disk whose pits are not as clean as they could be, and one reader may do a better job of reading it than another, while another WRITER could write better, so that both readers read it well.

For example, on my 40125s, writing audio CDs on crap CMC media, using WSES to ananalize the errors after burning, I get a ton of errors, but if I write at 16x, they are quite acceptable. BUT, if I tell WSES to limit READ speed to 16x, both the 16x written discs AND the 24x written discs have very decent error rates (not great, but decent). At the slower speed, it has a better chance of intrepeting the less than perfect pits.

Logic would tell you that if reading at 16x vastly reduces the amount of errors that are read, then burning at 24x must be fine, since my audio CDs will only be read at 1x anyway… but that’s not true. Since the writing at 24x is of lower quality than writing at 16x, based on the higher error rate when read at full (40x) speed, then there’s a chance that my car CD player, which may or may not be able to read as well as the lite-on, and is having to do it while I’m driving over bumps, is going to have a better chance of producing perfect performance with the higher quality write that I can get at 16x. Just like Yamaha does with their special audio mode that stretches the tracks out, with the intent of reducing jitter… even though the Yamaha can write audio CDs fine with that mode turned off, there’s a chance that the end result is better with it on, as it gives the reader a better chance of capturing the bits as they should be.