48x able to update to faster

when Liteon will realese a faster burner as the 48x at one day, do you think the 48x liteon writer will be able to even upgrade to this new drive or is there any thing (wrong chipset or so) that woul avoid this.
What do you think ?
Gräfdig Gloner

P.S: I’m only interested in this because it would be great.

Nope don’t think so.

The next Lite-On will have mediatek series “6” chipset (LTR-48246W), and we can’t update our “5” series writers to this model. But could this model be further upgraded? maybe, but I’m not sure. I think that the chipset supports higher speeds, at least 52X…since benq is going to release 52X.

Will we see newer Lite-Ons than 48X Write? I’m not sure, maybe 52X or 56X but then it’s definitively stop.

OC-Freak…is the ability to write faster than52-56x just limited by tech or the cdrs

The cdrs must not explode during burning process, which is more and more likely to happen if you increase speed too much…

Considering most cd roms highest reading has been at 48/52x for a couple of years due to technology- cdr’s arent gonna get much faster at all.

Increasing cdrw speeds up to 48x rewriting wud now be a gud thing to do though - a 48x48x48 cd writer would be very nice!!

I was just curious if it has to do with speed of the spinning of the disc or the physical writing to cdr…I realize kinda of dumba question since cdrom have peaked as stated in 50 x range…

I agree faster rewrite would be nice…

It’s the spin speed that would cause a problem. Faster writes are possible by using multiple lasers, but the cost would also shoot up and may not be viable for affordable mass production.

Faster rewrite speeds are definitely possible. In fact, 24x RW speeds are almost available now (Yamaha, Liteon, Mitsumi etc.)

Perhaps we might get 48 48 48 sooner than we think… :slight_smile:

but when the next LITEON perhaps is 52x (or 56x) CDR, 12x CDRW and 52x (or 56x) reading I think it would be possible with the “5” Mediatek chipset because the rewriting is not faster.
So lets hope that liteon will realese such a drive because than we could update ours.
Gräfdig Gloner

Will most likely not happen.

At first it was not planned to release a 48X drive based on the “5” series chipset either…