48x-52x just not possible on my system?



I have a Lite-On 52246D with latest firmware.

I cannot seem to reliably write @ 48x or 52x. Kprobe reports a lot of C2 errors. I am using Verbatim 48x media which are Taiyo Yuden manufactured. These supposedly premium media.

The thing is my system is old. An Intel P3 700 on an Abit BX6 Rev 2 motherboard.

I’ve got two Seagate 80GB ST380021A ATA133 hard disks attached to an Aralion ATA100 UltraRAID 100 controller card. The CD writer is on the Abit motherboard which is ATA66 because the Aralion would not recognise the Lite-On no matter how I set the jumpers.

Now when I run Nero and do a speed test instead of an actual write it reports the max read speed as 36x

If I do an actual write @ say 48x it writes the disc fine but when it comes to reading back the media it gives C2 errors which are bad. Nero CD Speed’s scandisc also reports unreadable sectors on the media.

So the question is. What is causing the errors? The speed of data transfer from the motherboard to the writer? The speed of transfer from hard disks on the RAID controller? Or a combination of these? Why can I get a successful write but not a successful read of the media? Surely if Nero is cacheing and transferring the data fast enough to the media for a succesful write it should read back fine?

I can write at 32x and successfully read back the media which seems to correlate with it being under the 36x max read from the hard disks.

It’s annoying that I cannot even write to 48x the rated speed of this media. I have tried other media with similar results. I cannot just be poor quality media anymore.


Verbatim 48x media which are Taiyo Yuden manufactured

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this media. Look in the media test thread on 48x media and see if you see any familiar scans on Verbatim.


I think I have something figured out. I burned a Taiyo Yuden 48x compatible disc at 52x and did the Nero CD Speed quality test in my LTR24102B which reads back at a max of 40x and it tested as perfect. I then repeated the test in the LTR52246D and it gave errors once the readback speed reached above about 45x

I then tried Kprobe and set it manually to 52x and ran the test. No errors! If I enable Max mode in Kprobe it gives errors. The drive audibly sounds faster when Max mode is enabled. Which probably means it’s doing something different to a set 52x speed. Burst mode perhaps.

So reading back at such a high speed is introducing errors!


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I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this media.
It’s been posted that the Verbatim Pastel are made by TY :

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I just bought some Verbatim cdr’s cheap at Staples .
They are Verbatim pastel discs,10 pack 700mb 24 speed, buy one get one free for £6.98.
When I checked them on Eac they came up as made by Taiyo Yuden Type 1 cyanine blue green.


So reading back at such a high speed is introducing errors!

No, reading at higher speed reveals the weakness in the disc, it does not “introduce” anything. You are measuring read-errors, not “disc-errors”. It’s the result of the interaction between the disc and drive. The faster you read, the more likely the errors are to occur. You also cannot compare KProbe results to CDSpeed, as they read the disc in completely different ways. Your disc is marginal in quality, you simply need to lower your burn speed one notch to see your best quality. I recommend 40x on that media and 52x drive. It may even be quicker than 52x, but we won’t get into that here.