48khz speakers?


today soundcards record and play 96Khz sampled audio.
i know that it’s meant to capture the 48Khz of the input audio instead of the standard 20Khz in order to enrich the audio that we will hear, but …if the SPEAKERS were and still are limited to ~20Khz max frequency, how can we gain from the whole 96Khz sampling rate ??

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speakers aren’t limited to a sample rate or necessarily 20khz. I can say just about all tweeters DO NOT have a low pass on them to prevent them from producing anything above 20khz. Tweaters are however limited to their audiable specturm that they are capable of producing, that is just a limitation due to their design, they will roll off and usually have a nasty response even aboe 18khz. To get clean highs above 18khz you would need something like a super tweeter which is designed to play fairly cleanly above 20khz, some can go up to 30khz fairly cleanly.

There will also be limitation in the amplifier design, definitly on the low end (below 10hz), and possibly on the high end.

Just because a speaker might be rated at 20hz-20khz doesn’t mean that they won’t produce anything audiable above or below that, this is simply the limitations of the human ear, and what most would desire to hear. Most of us that are into hard core home/car audio WANT to FEEL the basssss below 20hz :smiley:

Good hifi speakers are capable of much more than you think (and so are your ears). Both amplifiers and loudspeakers must me able to reproduce all the harmonics in music etc or the result can be quite flat or disappointing. If you read hifi mag’s reviews of both items you will hear the talk of a clean sound or authortive sound from whatever is on test but they can only or should give what is being fed to them and don’t forget the dynamics of the room (furniture drapes people etc) all this can make a substantial difference.
So the best quality input is required to get the best listening experience providing the equipment is up to it. However if your home system is not up to hifi standards then it doesn’t have to be fed the best input if it is not capable of doing it justice.

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Speakers/amplifiers you get with a DVD System should specification wise be able to play back the high definition on DVDs or SACD. Quality of course is something else.
Good hi-fi speakers/amplifiers will cover a higher/wider range than that what you are able to recognize.
The only thing you should consider is that some older hi-fi speakers/amplifiers from the pre CD or pre DVD/SACD era will not reprodue the higher definition (made in the 70s or 80s or older). But these older hi-fi speakers/amplifiers should still give better results as some newer low end/ entry level (the cheap ones for 100$ for amplifier and 5 speakers etc) DVD systems even when listening to SACD or DVD.
And one last point: good or bad sound quality is something very personal (some like to feel the low bass while others like when the higher frequencies are clear with less bass etc, etc) and perception of quality can change depending on your mood. So to each his own personal system. There is no best system.