4832K Bad Flash!

Hi guys!

I’ve had a hunt through this forum trying to find the answer to my dilema.
I had a Tim “the tool man” Taylor moment when I discovered that the 4832K is a regraded 52x Burner and promptly broke out all the tools recomended to my by threads on these forums.

Unfortunatly, I don’t know if this is the cause of the problem, or meerly a coinsidence, but I flashed the drive to the latest firmware from the Liteon site, used flashfix and the ltnflash program with the drive’s drawer open.

Now the drive won’t close. If I force it and hold it there for a few mins it stops struggling and stays closed but when it gets into windows it seems to kill the system.

This is a computer I use at work, and to top it off, everyone was saying “Its not going to work afterwards” and me saying i’ve done loads of liteon regrades, all thanks to this site successfully, This one decided to make a fool of me.

Can anyone help me fix it and reclaim my good name at work?

It should be possible to bring the drive back, but some extra tricks may be required. Grab the binary NK0G from my page, then get mtkflash (see the How To Flash page on my site). mtkflash must be used in real DOS, and in order for your drive to work with mtkflash, you must press and hold the eject button when you turn on your computer.