48246S to 52246S > A little guidance?

Hey ya’all,

I am new here… great site! Wish i’d discovered it earlier…

I’ve had the 48246S for a number of months now, I recently flashed it to the SSOA f/w … and only just discovered that it’s ‘apparently’ possible to flash it to the newer/faster 52x f/w … I am very keen to do this, I tried to do as much research as I could prior to making this thread, but can’t work out for the life of me how to successfully flash using the 52x f/w …

I went to lite-on’s website… downloaded the latest 52x f/w off there (an exe file) … but when I run it … it gives me an error stating i don’t have a recognisable drive for this particular f/w …

I then discovered the util called “mtkWinFlash” … so i grabbed the latest version off the official website… let it run through the query process (the bar that slowly moves from left to right) … and afterwards i was still unable to get the program to detect my lite-on drive… when i click the dropdown bar at the top, nothing is listed at all…

Any advice / guidance here would be extremely appreciated… thanks ever so much for your support.

While I think of it… according to MtkWinFlash, you need a .BIN file for the firmware… but the firmware on lite-on’s site is an .EXE (with the embedded flashing program) … how does one get around this?

Thanks again,


have u taken a look at the sticky post at the top of this forum entitled “OC-Freak’s Firmware collection and MTKFLASH guide”?

Patch the Windows Flasher with FlashFix: http://digi.rpc1.org/flashfix.htm

cheers, got it all under control now.

Thanks for that.