48246S problem

I have problems with this drive. I’m running Windows XP Pro and windows installs it’s default driver for this device. I am able to install applications from the CD drive and listen to music. But when it comes to burning it halts and keep trying to spin up in speed. I have tried most burner programs and even tried to install Adaptec ASPI layer, Nero ASPI layer which I currently have installed.

All the programs does the same thing:

  1. It finds the drive as a recorder and im able to change settings, ie. speed of writing etc.

  2. It verify that there is a empty CD in the drive

  3. When i click burn, it tries to fill the buffer and that’s when it goes wrong i think. Then it continually tries to speed up the drive and takes so much (power from my PC) so if you try to close the application with task manager END TASK, it takes forever to close if able to close it at all…most times i have to reboot…as a only solution. I dont have any AV installed, or firewall. I have 3 hard drives and this drive is master on secondary ide controller.

Ill put some log here too:

Log from Fireburner:

Using ASPI interface

2 host adapters detected

Ignoring device - device 00:00 is not a CD/DVD drive

Ignoring device - device 00:01 is not a CD/DVD drive

Device inquiry on 00:02 failed

Device inquiry on 00:03 failed

Device inquiry on 00:04 failed

Device inquiry on 00:05 failed

Device inquiry on 00:06 failed

Device inquiry on 00:07 failed

TAO is supported
DAO16 is supported
DAO96 is supported
SAO is supported

Device detected as writer

Device capabilities successfully retrieved. Please refer to Capabilities screen for more information.

Maximum Read Speed detected: 48x
Maximum Write Speed detected: 48x

01:00 successfully assigned to LITE-ON LTR-48246S

Ignoring device - device 01:01 is not a CD/DVD drive

Device inquiry on 01:02 failed

Device inquiry on 01:03 failed

Device inquiry on 01:04 failed

Device inquiry on 01:05 failed

Device inquiry on 01:06 failed

Device inquiry on 01:07 failed

Unable to retrieve Default Write Parameters

Device detected as reader

Device capabilities successfully retrieved. Please refer to Capabilities screen for more information.

Maximum Read Speed detected: 32x

02:00 successfully assigned to Generic DVD-ROM

Device inquiry on 02:01 failed

Device inquiry on 02:02 failed

Device inquiry on 02:03 failed

Device inquiry on 02:04 failed

Device inquiry on 02:05 failed

Device inquiry on 02:06 failed

Device inquiry on 02:07 failed

Nero Test:

Nero CD Speed Test results

General Information

Operating System Windows XP Professional
Drive LITE-ON LTR-48246S
Firmware Version SS0E
Serial Number
Disc Data CD
Capacity 61:22.43

Transfer Rate

Start 22.15x
End 44.11x
Average 34.10x
Type CAV

Seek Times

Random 103 ms
1/3 143 ms
Full 338 ms

CPU Usage

1X 13 %
2X 3 %
4X 7 %
8X 17 %


Burst Rate 21474 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times

Spin Up Time 0.07 sec
Spin Down Time 3.89 sec

Load/Eject Times

Load Time 1.36 sec
Eject Time 1.30 sec
Recognition Time 5.68 sec


Time Elapsed Action
[22:36:23] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[22:37:05] Canceled by user
[22:38:09] Starting CPU Usage Test
[22:38:22] Canceled by user
[22:39:38] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[22:41:28] 1:50 Speed:22-44 X CAV (34.10 X average)
[22:41:28] Starting Seek Times Test
[22:41:38] Random Seek: 103 ms
[22:41:53] 1/3 Seek: 143 ms
[22:42:26] 0:59 Full Seek: 338 ms
[22:42:26] Starting CPU Usage Test
[22:42:43] CPU usage at 1X: 13 %
[22:42:58] CPU usage at 2X: 3 %
[22:43:13] CPU usage at 4X: 7 %
[22:43:28] 1:02 CPU usage at 8X: 17 %
[22:43:28] Starting Burst Rate Test
[22:43:29] 0:01 Interface burst rate: 21 MB/sec (21474 KB/sec)
[22:43:29] Starting Spin-Up/Down Test
[22:43:34] Spin-up time: 0.07 seconds
[22:43:47] 0:18 Spin-down time: 3.89 seconds
[22:43:47] Starting Load/Eject Test
[22:43:49] Eject time: 1.30 seconds
[22:43:50] Load time: 1.36 seconds
[22:43:56] 0:08 Recognition time: 5.68 seconds

please help

what motherboard do u have?