48246K and Safedisk 2.9

I just had a copy of Postal 2 (SafeDisc 2.9) fail on my brand new 48246K (not 48246S).
Should this drive be capable of SD2.9? Does anyone KNOW FOR SURE?
Could using a CDRW be the problem?

I used latest alcohol retail.

PS its the Euro Version. Its really SD29 not Securerom

It works now, i uninstalled CloneCD and reburned at 4x (on the very same CDRW).
Dont know which of the two did the Trick, prolly uninstalling CloneCD.

Great burner, fast and slient like a shark :slight_smile:
and small too…

Looks like i celebrated too early. When i wanted to burn my final Copy to CDR i realized i still had the image mounted in alcohol V-Drive when i tried to run the game. Unfortunately i had wiped the CDRW already.


Burning it again now (at 12x again) to verify that cloneCD was the cause.

OK it works now, burned again at 12x to the same CDRW, emulation off and image unmounted.
Guess i can relax and keep the burner til SD3.0 comes :slight_smile: