482446K to 52x?

Can the 48246K SKS7 be flashed to 52x ? Or was i as LUCKY as i was with my 24x that couldnt be flashed either???

Thanks for info.

don’t know for sure but as since both drives have te “6” chipset it should be possible…

The LTR-48246K cannot be flashed with LTR-52426S firmware, so there’s no way to overclock this drive unless a LTR-52246K appears.

/me pets his 48246S turned 52246S. Nice Lite-On… good boy.:bigsmile:

Shame, but no big deal, 3-5sec improvment arent that important…I could have bought 52x which was actually 2Euro cheaper, but i really loved the small size of the K Version. Improves the airflow in my case a lot.