I was reading through the liteon forums (at the actual liteon site not this forum) i cant seem to find the post now it was a while ago but someone on the forum said that a lot 48125w models made in June 2002 were defective is this true?


Mine must be one of the defective ones since it copies lots of games they say it isnt supposed to be able to copy. but I am not going to send it back I am just going to suffer with it :bigsmile:

Don’t know about June 2002 drives but, mine was defective & i replaced it.

My 48125W was manufactured in July 2002.

I started a thread on here awhile back regarding 48125W manufactured in June 2002, and the possibility of a bad batch getting through QC. I had gotten one that proved to be defective. There were several other people posting similar complaints about theirs at the time. The consensus if I recall was that there were more people not experiencing problems, than those that were. I exchanged mine, and the replacement seems to be okay. With the first one I was getting lots of damaged and unreadable sectors at the end of the disc, regardless of the media type (even 48x certified TY media), and even if burned at slower speeds than max. With the replacement I get an occassional yellow sector, but nothing like the bad one.