48125W won't read burned CD

Hi all, sorry if this is a stupid question, just burned a CD in Nero, when I try to load it using the liteon, windows gives the error ‘J:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function’ and CDspeed stops with ‘Error! ILLEGAL MODE FOR THIS TRACK (056400)’.

Another CD I burned afterwards works fine, so was thinking bad burn, except the same CD works perfectly in both my CD-ROM drives and an old Sony 8x burner :confused:

would really welcome any suggestions, this one has me stumped…

The only advice that the Nero help tool gives for this error is to uninstall Nero and install the most recent version.

It’s worth a try. Let us know if this works.:slight_smile:

I had this problem too, not more than a week ago.

Do a search for posts under username “MojoMagic” (me). There should only be 2 threads that come up.

In the end I had to return the drive and get a replacement. Luckily they gave me a 48126S instead. grin

Let me know how yours goes.

Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestions. :slight_smile:

MojoMagic, I had a look at your thread, it sounds ominous :eek: Maybe its just the Liteons in general overreporting? I just burned a different brand, CDspeed shows 1066021 errors in the quality test and 4.37% damaged sectors in scandisc, yet there were no file errors and the main speed test looks weird but finishes. Surely with that amount of errors some files would fail?

Inertia, I’m using the version of Nero that came with the burner,, I uninstalled and replaced with, still the Liteon thinks the CD is blank, I just installed the game off it using the other drive with no problems.

At this point I’m thinking to ignore the errors as false positives and just use it :slight_smile: I don’t want to return this, it’s only 2 days old :slight_smile:


I completely agree with you. It DOES seem that the LITEON is overreporting. I figured that was the case fairly early on… My biggest issue was that my drive didn’t start doing that until about 3 weeks after I bought it.

I was satisfied that the burns were fine. But I was unsettled by this sudden change in activity of my drive… That, and I’m anal. :wink:
So I just took it back.



I would try a different brand of high quality media to see if the problem repeats. If not, it may be a media mismatch causing the problem.

If the reading problem continues, I would return the drive for a replacement.

Inertia, what would you recommend as high quality? I’m using Verbatim, Sony and Kodak gold at the moment. Unfortunately most places around here only stock the cheap stuff. I’ve been burning at 16x mostly just in case that was the problem.

MojoMagic, same here :slight_smile: I was blissfully ignorant before I found this forum, now look what happened :slight_smile:

I reinstalled Win2k just in case, but no changes. Still too many ‘false’ errors, still won’t recognise one particular CD.

This is what I get from CDspeed for the ‘unrecognisable’ CD: errors.jpg

It really sounds like your burner is broken. Go back to the store and get a new one.

CDspeed shows 1066021 errors in the quality test and 4.37% damaged sectors

If you’re burning at 48x, this is not unexpected on most media. In fact, there are very few CDR’s, if any, that will burn reliably at 48x. Slow your burn speed and try again.

Nope, these are lower speed CDs, so I burned them at 16x. I think I may have found the answer though, I read this thread and he is absolutely right, I used Drivespeed to change speed to 32x and suddenly 100% good sectors and no errors. It still won’t read the one CD I originally mentioned though…