48125W slows down


ive recently flashed my 40125S to 48125W. but when i try to write a cd at 48x it starts off great till like 90% (it reaches about 43x speed), then it slows down to like 24x until its finished.

i tried writing cds at 40x speed without any problems.

im pretty sure that the writer is in dma mode (udma 2)

hmm any suggestions? maybe swap drives? its primary master at the moment…

thanks in advance

It could be the media you are using are giving you problems. Try to burn at 40x or even lower. If the burning succeeds without any problems, the chance the media can’t really take the 48x is quite big.

Even media certified at 48x don’t always know how to handle these speeds properly…

definitely sounds like a media problem to me. smart-burn seems to be kicking in and slowing down the burn to prevent errors. try using different (higher quality) media.

yes thanks ill try with different media, although theyre rated 52x ah well have to buy new ones anyway :slight_smile:

what firmware are you using vsob did what you are talking with me i flashed back to vs08 and bingo back to usual

                              cheers  bighun:D :D :D

Myself and several others (at least one other person) posted on this issue a while back. My 40125S worked fine overclocked for a while but started doing the same thing when I flashed it with VS08. Since then it has tested with the same result with all 48125W firmwares from VS02 and later. Tried different media with the same results. I reverted to a 40125S because the problem was unsolved. I guess some drive are worthy and some are not.