48125W Problem

Ok, i flashed my 40125s to a 48125w using the vs08. Whenever I burn at 48X, smartburn decides to kick in. But when i run at 40X it burns without a problem. I am using 48X media. Any suggestions?

Have a look at my 48x media tests. I usually mention it when the drive slows at the end. Virtually every 48x media I’ve tested does this. With some of them, the actual burn time is equal to or lower than 40x burns, due to the pause in the burn. Some of them only do it at the very end, or even during the lead-out.
The cheaper media seems to be LESS prone to slowing, go figure. At 52x it’s even worse. Lets hope that we eventually get some real 52x media.
The moral of the story is to burn at 40x, for error-free burns, the time is the same.

Thanks for the relpy rdgrimes. I am experiencing the same problem with my LiteOn and thought is was due to the media. Mine doesn’t do it every time, but more times than not. Once in a while it will burn at 48x no problem. Go figure.

Smartburn is watching the burn and slowing the speed if the media gets to an “overburn” condition. (sort of taking it’s temperature). Th eresult is usually no errors, as opposed to having errors if it’s didn’t slow it down. interestingly enough, i’ve noticed that cheaper media doesn’t slow as much, and has more errors.

There appear to be quite a few different discs out there that will burn error free at 52x, including TDK Gold All speed by CMC Magnetics; TDK Coloured 48x by Ritek; Imation 24x by CMC Magnetics; unbranded by Hitachi Maxell; Acer 24x by Acer Media, and unbranded by Acer Media. At 52x they will all give a 700Mb in around 2:29 - 2:35 mins. In addition you can turn Smartburn off in Nero and get 52x error free burns with Taiyo Yuden 24x and 36x and Verbatim DataLifePlus 40x.

I am sure there are many more brands suitable but since I have quite a few of the above, I will stick to them for now at least. What has been really surprising is how many 24x certified media will burn effortlesly at 52x.

The full details, including graphs of actual burns can be found here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=57535