48125W problem with SVCD (VCDEasy) on Taiyo Yuden


I have a litle problem copying SVCD’s.
Some idea’s or hints (or better: solutions) are very welcome :wink:

I create my SVCD’s with VCDEasy/VCDImager which is a program that creates SVCD’s exactly according the standards (which nero cannot do 100%)
The “master” is burned on a TyboTaiyo Yuden16x CDR at 2 speed (my old burner).
I wanna copy it to another Taiyo Yuden using Nero with the LiteOn 48125W (OC’d 40125W) (reading&writing, so not on the fly!)

Nero gives a “track error” immidiatly while starting to read the “master” disc.
CloneCD acts even stranger… when it says it is reading it starts reading at 115 speed and is done in 15 seconds…BUT NOT FROM THE DISC…(yes I did select the burner to read from)

The only way to read the disc is by using my DVDRom and cloneCD.

The LiteOn doesn’t give problems with SVCD’s mastered with Nero so the problem has to do with VCDEasy. So using Nero would solve the problem, but Nero creates SVCD’s that don’t 100% fit the standards (some DVD players won’t FForward/FRewind with it).

So anyone any Idea what the problem might be…?

Inc. Ognito

Maybe VCDEasy do not make standard SVCD’s after all?

Sorry I’ve not much experience when it comes to SVCD, made 1 or 2 with nero that works fine…that’s all.

I doubt VCDEasy is the problem. (As with Netscape vs InternetExplorer; Nero might be more popular, VCDEasy is less popular but exactly following the standards).
After reading and surfing around I think the reason might be (hope somene corrects me when wrong) that Nero interpretates the BIN/CUE file of VCDEasy wrongly. (Not knowing whether thats a VCDEasy probleem or Nero problem)

But it’s just guessing…
Thanx anyway

.bin & .cue are not Nero’s native file-format so you are bound to run into trouble sooner or later.
.bin & .cue belong in CDRWIN or FireBurner if you prefer that. :slight_smile:

You can try blindwrite. Current version is 4.0.5. Never had a problem with cue/bin burns with it. Nice thing about BW is that it pretty much allows you to backup any CD as well.

I believe you can use it as a demo for 30 days or 30 burns. Can’t remember.


Thanx !
I’ll try these or CDWin insreed of Nero for BIN/CUE files.