48125W Flash Program Issue

hi guys

dunno if this happens to anyone else out there,
but when in run the VS0D.exe file, window throws up an error

The instruction at “0x00405e12” referenced memory at “0x00000057”. The memory could not be read.

ive download the zip several times but it comes up with the same error each time.
i know my ram is ok, tested it with memtestx86 3.0, all is ok

this lead me to think the way they compiled it is causeing erros, as the prevoius version installer works fine (VS0B)

anyone any ideas??



I flashed my 48125W to VS0D without any problems, even asked to be rebooted afterwards. I’m running W2K w/SP3.

You could use litefirm to extract the binary from the updater, then use MTK WinFlash to flash…

yeah, that was my next and only option.

any idea where the program can be found?



strange that no-one else has my issue…