48125w cd read problems

My liteon 48125w is unable to read pressed cds w/ and w/o copy protection. It CAN read burned cds w/ and w/o copyprotection fine. It can also burn cds fine. By it can’t read I mean that it shows that there is no media detected in the drive in windows explorer, alcohol 120%, blindwrite, nero, cd speed, etc… I have tried many different cds with the same result. They work fine in my NEC dvd drive, but not in my liteon. Randomly, as sorta a fluke, it is sometimes able to read a cd but very rarely. Please help me, I am beginning to get very very annoyed. Thanks…

BTW the nvidia SW IDE drivers are not installed

AMD 2400+
Leadtek K7nCR18D Pro | latest Bios | driver: 2.03 | nforce2
unoverclocked 48125w | firm: VS0D | secondary slave | UDMA 2

I just uninstalled and reinstalled the ide drivers and removed blindwrite in case its patin caughin driver was interfering in any way, but it still does not work. Also, when I click on my drive in windows explorer when there is no cd in it, the dialog that says “Please insert a disk into drive F:” does not appear. It is merely blank with no dialog. This is really bugging me, please help. Thanks…

It still doesn’t read pressed cds at all.


Can someone please give me some help with this. Soon I’m gonna just take my cd drive out back and shoot it…

I should clarify that the drive is not able to recognize pressed cds. It just says no media is detected in the drive. please help me. thanks.

have u tried using the drive in another system, making sure the drive is properly plugged in, or swapping ide cables?

I have made sure that the ide cable is plugged in correctly and as I stated before it is able to read all burned cds flawelessly so the IDE cable should have no influence on this. It just can’t read pressed cds.

No one has come up w/ a solution yet and only one person was brave enough to reply to my quest for a fix. Show off your wisdom and know how and help me fix this problem once and for all.

Nevermind, my drive seems to be dying. I plugged it into my other pc with the same results. I’m sad to see it go but I’m gonna pickup a new 52327S from newegg…bittersweet :frowning:

seems this problem appears with people using nforce 2 chipset, waiting for confirmation.