48125w cd-r problems

I am a newbie and I have a question re my 48125w. Mdway in a spindle of TDK discs (liteon approved) my burner stopped recognising the BLANK media. Nero and EZCD both say insert a blank disk. Nero says no disk in drive. I have tried several disks in the spindle and none of them work. I have upgrded to th “b” firmware, but still the same probs. Any help would be appreciated. TIA

have u tried using any other types of media? also, do u have a program installed that will hide ATIP info (such as alcohol or clonecd)?

I have had CCD installed for a while but I did just install A120%. I use it as primarily a CD drive emulator so as not to waste disks when watching s/vcds. I am not sure if the CD problem predated the install of 120%. I will uninstall and try again. Lastly, No I have not tried any other media. What types have other liteon users had success with?