48125W @ 40x? p-cav/cav

what write strategy is used by a 48125W writing @ 40x?



shame on you ! :Z I mean, I knew that you didn’t know.
But as I have always been telling you - you’d rather study things first.

LTR-48125W has noting but CAV-writing

Make sure to check it out at least here, since you have no alternative :


"The Lite-On LTR-48125W is the first of many full CAV, or Constant Angular Velocity, writers that will ship this year. While CAV has been used for years to reach ever faster CD read speeds, companies have only begun to apply this technology when writing CD’s. In the case of the LTR-48125W, the drive starts writing at about 22x and smoothly accelerates, reaching 48x at the end of the session. While more 48x writers are on the way, the LTR-48125W’s average writing speed is the fastest currently available. "

Shame on you too BoSkin:

Only 48X writing is CAV, 40X and down to 24X writing is done with P-CAV, and 16X and lower is done with CLV tecnology.

So Airhead was perfectly right…



(i am very bored)

You didn’t find out by using such a program did you?

Actually, the Boskin-posted review also states that 40x and below is P-CAV, nowhere does it claim that the drive only writes CAV.
It seems that Boskin is the one who can’t read.

@shub: The 48125W can’t do 20x

[ ] You know the difference between CAV and P-CAV… :stuck_out_tongue: its in the FAQ!

@shub: The 48125W can’t do 20x

Shure it can! You just flash to ZSOK!!

We flash because we can.

Actually, long before you did

And here’s some food for your thoughts redarding CD Speed

Well, if you’re playing a smart guy here then tell me the following-

how exactly do you define which writing method the 48 drive has when burning at speed of 40x ? By doing what ?
And please think twice or a 100 times before you answer.
And if you think that you’ll get away with your answers like "by looking at… here or there ", then I’ll tell you what.
Feurio, which I profoundly respect , tells you that the 48125W has P-CAV at 48x ! Even though I know that it in fact is CAV.

And to confirm this I’ve just sent a picture to your mail address.
Let me hear what you can answer on that, all right ?!

Furthermore, in order to make some things clear for you before getting your reply :

with CD Speed using a blank CD the writing speed can be determined either for :

  1. 48x drive @48
  2. or 40x drive @40
    and so on…

But how about - 48x drive @40 ?!

Well, if you are so familiar with CD Speed, I guess it’s gonna be much easier for you to explain me things using your favorite program.

And what you’ve tried to prove me w your fancy colored stuff is just a task for kids in kindergarden.

Very funny !


let me hear what you say about that picture ( Feurio’s 48x P-CAV ), which you have rcvd.

yeah, sure it can- in his imagination

The Feurio-Picture is nonsense. I’ll inform the author to fix this bug.

Note that CD Speed is also buggy. For example, It reports P-CAV for AOpen 32x writer.

I don’t need anyone to evalutate a CD Speed graph (especially not a buggy program). I know what a CLV, Z-CLV, P-CAV or CAV looks like.

And what’s wrong with this :

LTR-48125W has noting but CAV-writing
“The Lite-On LTR-48125W is the first of many full CAV, or Constant Angular Velocity”

40125S(W) has P-CAV.

So…? It’s obvious. I mean I don’t really get it what’s wrong with that ?


if you want more pics on that issues I’ll be glad to send them to you as well so that we can laugh together.

And what’s wrong with this :

LTR-48125W has noting but CAV-writing

Everything. It’s simply wrong.

Please read the FAQ. You can write the same stuff 100 times, but you will be and stay wrong.

Read the FAQ and learn what P-CAV is and what CAV is. OC-Freak will be very unpleased by your refusing to read the FAQ he put so much effort into.

shuebhussain has already summerized what’s correct, if you leave out his 20x-writing-invention line (and if it could do 20x writing, then it would be CLV with VS02, bot P-CAV).

Yes, please do that. And it’s absolutely clear.
That is what I mean !

Well, just read what I wrote above.


2 pics of CAV @48
2 pics of P-CAV@40

are sent to you ! So what ? That’s not the case !
You still don’t get it , huh ?

Yep ! That’s what I say !

This thread got so extremly boring and full of nonsense that I decided that we can end the discussion here.
You can continue it somewhere else if you want.
And we can end this discussion with Shueb’s wise words,


thread closed