just bought a 481248 drive which is the 48125s. I actually (after doing some net research) feel it would be better to get the 48126s for flashing ‘up’ to higher speeds.

Could someone let me know what the serial numbers or dates for the 48126s are as i cant seem to find out from looking at the lite-on packaging or how to tell from the drive itself without setting it up in a pc.

My retailer will swap it over as long as i can find the 48126s without him having to connect it

many thanks

On the outside of the cardboard carton is a scanner label which shows the serial number and the date of manufacture.

My 48126S was made August 2002, so probably most boxes with that or a later date will be the 6 series.

Just to make sure, check on top of the actual writer and you will see a silver label with Lite-on Corp on it. On the right hand side, under the heading CD-RW Drive, is the actual model number!

The only way to find out is open the box and check out the label. Lite-On don’t use stickers to seal their boxes like Plextor, so you can check the contents if you buy from retail store. At least that’s what I’d do.