48125s makes PC reboot

Installed new ASPI-Layer.

When I try to access files on CDs with my 48125s the computer reboots.
Just listing the files works fine, but as soon as I try to “use” them…REBOOT! :frowning:

The last thing I remember from when it was nearly working is that Feurio
complained about some fault concering IDE/SCSI-something…
Now I can’t even start Feurio (I guess it tries to read the CD automatically).
I have tried uninstalling it, but it doesn’t help.

I installed a BIOS-upgrade about a week ago and I don’t think I have burnt anything
since then. Could this be the problem?? (It was a “final” release.)

Any help is very appreciated!!:bow: :bow:

I have narrowed the problem down to DAE (Digital Audio Extraction).

The drive reads data CDs OK and Winamp and WMP are able to play the disc when I turn DAE off.

Please help me. Can’t figure out what the problem is…
BTW, I tried re-installing the drive.