4805te and sd2 2.51

i tried to burn medal of honor: allied assault using clone reading with the mitsumi at 4x with fast error skip set to 0 retries and hardware correction. i burned at 8x with ‘amplify weak sectors’ and ‘always close last session’ selected. i made two attempts and neither was successful. i guess we’ll hope for a new clone update to fix this. this is the first of about a dozen sd2 titles i’ve tried with this drive and aws that failed.

yes you can’t make copies which are sd2 2.51 protected but i think this will be “fixed” with the next version of CloneCD

you can use betablocker for this version of SD2 download here

You cannot make any SD2-backups with mitsumi 4x / 8x that will work properly in toshiba dvd-roms (they really hate defective weak sectors).