480 Playo DVDs for Only $5 After Easy Rebates

So, did anyone over here take advantage of the deal for 480 Playo disks that was posted on Fatwallet and Slickdeals?

I mean, sure, Playo isn’t up to our normal standards of quality, but 480 of anything for only $5 makes one reconsider their priorities.




I guess you could tape 15 of them together and go skeet shooting :bigsmile:

I don’t need that many coasters. Aren’t Playo’s fake Verbatim MIDs made in China? The real Verbs (like the PAP6) are bad enough, thank you!

Yo Bob-

Very well put-eh! :iagree: :iagree:

I love my PAP6’s, they burn great in my BenQ1620 and scan even better.:iagree:

Like granny from the Beverly Hillbilly’s used to say…“fling” :bigsmile:

@Alan. I’m making fun of Playo’s :iagree: not PAP6’s.

I pay for garbage disposal, so I dont think it is worth it
btw, this is not slickdeals or fatwallet, this is a good deal in those forums but not here

:wink: Alan – maybe these Playo’s will burn well in your 1620?

I’ve seen lots of mixed results with these discs.

Even if you could get only half of them to work, it’s still a hell of a deal at 5$, minus the potential time and aggravation.

Even if you get a good initial burn the disc won’t be any good after a few days/weeks…not a good deal.

The same has been said for UME01, AML 002, any of the cheaper media which is reputed garbage around here- I have yet to have any signs of degradation almost a year later.

I believe one forum member has Playo discs scanning fine many months later.

To say a disc wont be good after a few days or weeks is a gross exaggeration. Show me the scan of the initial burn on recent Playo media in comparison to one after a given period of time.

One member compared to many is a bad ratio. Look in Media Forum.

I guess that member who did not have the disc degraded may be he puts his disc in the freezer :slight_smile:

Would that prevent degradation ? :confused:


I go along with too. useless and worthless.

at about $.09 a disc I will give them a try

First burn using my Panasonic DMR ES25 quality score 93% and played fine. :slight_smile:

now I may go back for more. :flower:

could be my everyday use disk. :stuck_out_tongue:

They might be alright for short and I do mean a short term storage solution if it is
something that is disposable and not very important data. :Z

I haven’t been around for a few days, so I’m late to the discussion. The +R discs are very good for fake MCC004, burning better than my genuine PAP6 MCC004. The -R fake MCC03RG20 are so-so with random PIF clumps but they still are perfectly readable, just not the greatest of scans. No stability problems with my 8x Playo AML002 or UME01 for over a year now, and no problems in the few months I’ve had my Playo ‘MCC004’.

Certainly they perform well enough for less important burns. If I needed any cheaper media I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them but I already have a couple spindles of these and a ton of other media so I have no need for media at this point. Long story short though, these perform decently and the claims of them being quick-degrading garbage are not accurate. No they wouldn’t be the best choice for critical data, but they’re not bad discs (particularly the +R discs).

Well this deal is for you then :slight_smile: I’ve never bought any. I just look at the scans