hi all,
is the 48/24/48 a liteon with a mediatek 6 chipset cos if it is i wanna try one out then see if it can be flashed to a 52x svp have the drive for £49.99 it’s a rebadged liteon called Tx Venus2

so any ideas peeps.


right well i ordered a drive from svp which was a Tx Venus2 48/24/48 and straight away flashed to a 52/24/52 using firmware obtained from here, the drive picks up now as a liteon 52246s and burns perfect at 52x have tested on discplanet 40x media and burned no problems, tested for errors using nero cd speed and disc was 100% perfect so all in all a good result. hope this helps anybody out there considering it.

48x24x48 has the “6” chipset.

Does someone know if there will be a 52/32/52 from Lite-On?
I know there are rumors about it, but nothing final, cause then I’m gonna buy the 48/12/48 and upgrade it to a 52/32/52!!

I think CDRWs will reach the limits very soon. We might see 565656 drives next year.