47 minute file too big for a dvd? HELP!

I recently got my dvd burner and have been happily burning dvd’s using nero vision 4. Today I started it up and got error after error, memory errors mostly. So I uninstalled and reinstalled nero vision and it started up fine.

I dropped a blank dvd in and picked the first video file I wanted which was 47 minutes long, set the options for super long play and the bar was in the red. Too big for the dvd? So I removed that file and tried another 47 minute file I burned to a dvd just yesterday and it was the same thing, too big.

Any ideas? This really is driving me nuts.

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, Try to restore your System Windows Registry to a week or two back reboot and try again, that may help.

Okay, I set my system back a couple days and it partially fixed the problem. Now a 250 meg video file comes up taking a bit over 1 gig. It’s a 47 minute long file and is set at super long play.

The audio is coming up as LPCM and it won’t let me change that, so not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.

LPCM will give you a massive audio component and is probably responsible for the oversize calculation. There must be something in the settings to change it.

It gives me 4 options, automatic, dolby 5.1, 2.0, and LPCM, no matter what I pick it goes back to LPCM…

I have tried installing codec packs and still no change. I see the option for ac-3 but when I pick it it just goes back to lpcm. GRRRR! This is killing me, I have a lot of stuff to burn and now I can’t. :a :a :a :a :a

Perhaps you didn’t reinstall the AC-3 encoder when you got NeroVision working again?

is an essential tool for seeing what’s involved in a media file, once you learn to understand it

I gave up on vision a while back, it screwed up too many conversions

dvd flick is much better, especially with oddball audio


No matter what I do, what encoders I install, what codec’s or nero plugins, I only get lpcm. I click on dolby 2.0 and it just flashes a sec and goes back to lpcm… I’ve reset my computer to a restore point back a week and still lpcm.
:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Okay, I ran the nero clean tool, downloaded the newest nero trial from the website and now it’s working as it should.

What a painful couple days.

Glad to hear that you have over come the problem you had.

you have too much useless codecs installed -> issues.