45m Blu-ray sales forecasted for this year

I just posted the article 45m Blu-ray sales forecasted for this year.

According to projections released by Futuresource Consulting, they forecast 45 million Blu-ray discs to be sold in total in the US this year alone, which will be a 4-fold increase over last…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14963-45m-Blu-ray-sales-forecasted-for-this-year.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14963-45m-Blu-ray-sales-forecasted-for-this-year.html)

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“One drawback with investing in a Blu-ray player is that the consumer needs to purchase their existing titles again on Blu-ray in order to take advantage of the higher picture quality offered by Blu-ray.”

The PS3 is also an excellent DVD upscaler! No need to repurchase all of your DVD library on Blu-ray, just buy all your futures titles on Blu-ray and enjoy the upconversion on your existing DVD library.

@Blu-rayFreak: Yeah but they wont get 45 million sales only for new releases so they want us to buy all the catalog titles too.

I think that is the problem. People will not rebuy their DVD again since blu-ray player also upscale DVDs. On good HDTV sets, DVD upscaled will also look good. The blu-ray camp needs to rethink alternative strategies so the sales can go up and price will go down.

“Instead, many HDTV owners have decided to invest in less expensive upscaling players to try getting an improved picture from their existing DVD collection.”

This is the real truth that Sony et al fail to see. Joe sixpack doesn’t care about Blu-ray and is never going to blow even more money on upgrading existing DVD titles to Blu-ray ones. It’s all a monumental profiteering scam by media companies to hook morons into buying CRAP THEY DON’T NEED!

Get that through your rootkit-infested asses Sony!

'People will not rebuy their DVD again since blu-ray player also upscale DVDs"
Many DVD movies just don’t warrant an upgrade at the prices that stores are charging for Bluray movies. For a few dollars extra they can get a new release.

Compare that to DVD where new releases can be upto5-6 times the price of an old catalogue movie :iagree:

LOL…I get BluRay’s for like $1-$3/movie. I feel sorry for you people paying RETAiL :smiley:

45 million for 2008? Has anyone told them that they’ve only sold 7 million in the first 6 months? They honestly expect Iron Man and Dark Knight to drive 38 million unit sales?