4571 firm... request ...don,t forget us

Is it possible to use the experimental Dee’s f/w on 4571 somehow ? …even if we lose lf ability for a while… my 4571 is bad and noisy burner so i stopped using it…
So Liggy , Dee or nec please do something…
Wouldn’t mind to be a tester …beta /alfa or what ever…

It’s not possible to use the 4570 firmware on the 4571. But i can make the same changes to the 4571 as i made in the experimental 4570 firmware.
I’ll try and sort something before, or over the weekend.

Thanks … i’ll be waiting… :flower:

any news Dee…?

Not as yet, the weekend didn’t really go to plan.

I would kiss your legs, ass, anything, when you’ll do it. :slight_smile:

I have problems with DVD+R MC4 Verbatim 16X burned with my NEC 4571A.
Now I burn at 8x but the results aren’t very good.

I wait for your firmware, Dee.

I wouldn’t go that far … :bigsmile:
Think i 'm going to sell it to have peace on my mind and never again buy a nec before it reaches maturity…(good firmware)…bad habbit the one i have wanting always the newest model… :rolleyes:

The firmware is being developed on the ND-4570, once it’s done, the same changes will be made to a 4571 firmware.

thanks anyway Dee for time/efforts … i really admire you…can’t understand why nec is doing nothing and if they are why don’t they post at least a press release on the matter… not the best policy… better brave than sorry … feel they 're loosing customers this way

When approx. should we wait this?

Dee you can “forget” me … see sign…thanks again :flower: :flower: :flower:

Nothing news about official and unofficial Dee’s firmware?

be patient :smiley:

yeah, i was tempted to go for a benq 1650 instead of the nec 4571, and probably would have had there been an easy way to flash them under linux.

i flashed my 1640 eventually after tdb gave me a .cvt instead of the usual .exe and a dos-based flasher, but that’s not a sustainable method.

also, the software that makes benq good (wopc, qsuite etc.) is not available off of windows.

binflash works lovely under linux, and the firmware is always just .bin file


today I am a brandnew owner of a 4751. Before ich had some other NECs
(1100, 1300, 2500, 2510, 3520)
Without the work from Liggy and Dee and at the beginning from Harry,
it would be not so easy to buy a new NEC without thinking about now FW.
Keep on the good and hard work!
Thank you very much.
Can I expect a new Firmware for my newest Model in a few Days?