4570a 1.02

repeated crc errors when attempting to rip dvds.Discs are new and unmarked.
Clone dvd latest vesion.Cabling is seure and in good order.
latest version of anydvd.speed control set to slow and qiuet.LG drive that this unit replaced will handle everything thrown at it.
Ive swapped it back in to verify other hardware is ok -and it is.
Any ideas?

wrong section…

Does this problem occur with all or just with some disks ? Post the exact error message you get. If it indicates a CRC32 error on the ide bus, replace your ide cable with a 80 wire flat cable and, at least for a test, remove other drives from the cable.

Thanks Ala42
The read errors occour with Pulp Fiction ,True Romance and Res.Dogs (-the drive seems not to like anything Tarantino…)
Its a new ata 100 cable occupied only by this single drive,jumpered correctly.
The write errors occour with ,admittedly cheap media, but also Verbatim blanks.

Ive given up with it.Thankfully it was sub £25.Its now performing well wedged under the side gate stopping the wind banging it against the wall.
The LG it originally replaced is now swapped back in and doing everything I ask it.
Thanks for your time.

Thanks for your advice.
As the problem was with an NEC drive, I chose " /Optical Drives (CD and DVD Burners, etc.) Forum > NEC DVD Burner " ,as the section to post within .
Which was the right one?

Sorry, my fault. :wink: