4570 DVD-R as CD-ROM recognized

Hi there,
I bought a brand new 4570 yesterday and immediately flashed to 1.Z1 FW.
My PC identifies 4570 as DVD-RAM when the drive is empty(with no disc inside the drive).But when blank DVD-R (Verbatim Mitshubishi Comp. 16X) is inserted in,my PC is identifying that DVD-R as CD-ROM.
Also others DVD R+(SONY) and DVD-R(Fuji Film) media burned in Samsung TS H552 when are inserted in 4570 my PC is recognizing them as CD-ROMs and my system (XP) slightly freezes up while i am trying to start up reading of the inserted disc.
I am able to burn the DVDs even PC says it is not DVD.But I can read that burned disc untill first eject only.After that when the burned disc is inserted again the drive works slowly and says that it is a CD-ROM not DVD and system slightly freezes up.
Thats all nothing more.But it could be enough i guess.
So as a newbie of this branch i am saying that any advise will be very pretty appreciated!!!
Thank you!
See you :wink:

…aaand CD-ROMs work good for me just those DVDs not.

Use a proper burning app like Nero!!

Yes,that’s what I did
I used
anyway the drive is not capable to load the DVD discs properly even in NERO app
Nero freezes up when I want to open DVD disc and shows the disc as CD-ROM as well as My Computer.

Thank you.

I had exactly the same problem until I came across this handy little registry hack. Run regedit and find the following key :- HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations.avi\shellex\ Тhere is a key named “PropertyHandler” then delete the value. Restart

Oh man it would be great!
Now I will try that.
If it will help then I’m burning free for you day and night.
Thanks a lot !!!
I will let you know how it works for me.
Thanks again!
My life is getting happier again :disagree: thanks to you :bow:
I hope it will work. :iagree:
See you mate. :wink:

I have exactly done what u said but with no effect unfortunately :a
the same behaviour as before

the most probably I will change it for another piece of drive.
My seller offers an alternative ND3550A to me.What u thing about it?
I’m also considering PIONEER DVR 111 with DVD-RAM support.
I prefer CD and DVD burning for playing on my hi-fi stereo system.
Thanks a lot. :flower:

I’m sorry that, isn’t help for you. The basic reason that DVD-R can’t be read is because they are write on “multisession” with no finalization (must use "nomultisession) in most cases. You can try this:

Start > Run > Regedit
delete the key "InProcServer32"
after that:
Start > Run > regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll

Good luck!

No success again.
Anyway thanks a lot for your help comrade.
Nice days!


Can you let me know please if some of other FWs could fix that wrong identification of DVDs or it is just a hardware issue?
I’m considering to exchange 4570 for Pioneer 111 so :confused:
t h a n k y o u !

Hi again,
I just noticed that in NERO TEST DRIVE app. all my DVDs are properly recognized.But when I want to load the DVD image into virtual drive from my optical drive then there’s arising a problem there.DVD is detected as CD-ROM.When i want to attach that image system proclaims:Put disc into the section(H)-this is the place–> H where is 4570 detected.

nice talking to you btw. :clap:
see u later :disagree:

That is just a stupid explorer BUG. m$ never had the balls to fix that…

chef is right.

Thanks guys!
Actually I thought that an error could be in XP system.
My seller said I can return the drive but I knew that the best professionals are right here.And here it is.Sweet feedback from our Boss that the main reason of my night mare is microsoft. I’m so happy it is solved out. :iagree:

I successfully loaded NEC burned files through Iso Buster a while ago btw.
So now I see my lovely darling NEC drive is quite all right.(I can’t still load some Samsung burned files.NEC don’t want ro read them.)

Many Thanks men for your interest.

Is there a method how to repair that bug?
Or what can I do for better performance?
Reinstall my system or contact microsoft support? :rolleyes:

I think m$ published a fix for that but it rarely worked if ever.
Should be at their support pages…

Many thanks chef