4551a general burn quality drop

been using it for a couple of months now with nice results: usually 20-30k PIE and 100-200 PIF but all of sudden a week ago i started getting much worse results, PIE between 100-200k and PIF 5k-10k
-its not the media, used same dvds from two open cakes which were used before with good results (dvd+r verbatim 16x)
-even verified the results on liteon reader (both old and new burns) with similar quality drop
-i did no firmware changes before (yesterday tried 1.08 with same results)
is the drive starting to fail?

Media is always different, even if it comes from the “same” spindle.

Clean the drive.

Did you notice any “real” difference when you use the burnt discs?
i.e., do you notice data failures, drop in music or video quality? or just the scans results?
Sorry but I also got that drive model and I’m curious about?