4551a firmwares

is the NEC 4551A 1.84 firmware official and latest???

What is easier than visiting NECs supportsite(s)?


i have already checked there. there is not any information about that

I thought you have an 4550… at least that’s the info from you.

where did you find that firmware from?

Why do you provocate him?
He asked for 4551 firmware and you are insisting on the matter of his 4550@4551 crossflashing.
Now he has a 4551 and needs firmware for it.

Yes I know that you are told to be a “respected” member of this forum, but this does not automatically include that you can treat other users like you do.

At this site you can see information about offical as well as unofficial NEC firmwares for 4550/4551 drives.

Using the 455x Firmware Revisions table on that page you will notice that 1-07 is newer than 1-84 firmware.

He sent me pm’s with some details (that maybe weren’t that clear enough). Hopefully this clears it up here. :wink:

Okay, couldn’t identify that in my crystal ball :smiley: