4550A:which actual hacked firmware to use?

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I’ve read many articles regarding the 4550A on this board, but I’m a little confused now :sad:

Many of you are using Dee’s 1X7 firmware, since it has many nice modifications.
But it’s based on v1.08 firmware and v1.09 has been officially released some months ago. The database has been updated.

Currently, there is v1.09 by Liggy with bitsetting support.
Does it also support RIPLOCK? Has the media-settings been tweaks, like in Dee’s release?

MadDog hast also released the firmware 1.F3, but I had some problems using it (DVD+RW by Verbatim made problems).

I would be happy, if you helped me out! :bow:

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Newer firmware doesn’t always mean better.
In most cases new firmware is released to support new media previously unsupported.
I’ve found that newer firmware doesn’t work so well on early production drives. But i can only say that is the case with my own drives, which are all early production.

I would suggest, that if your drive is working ok and the media you’re using is supported and your results are good. Stick with the firmware you have.