4550a UDMA33 problem


I’ve just bought a 4550a burner and I have an odd problem. If I run the drive in UDMA33 mode, reading data DVDs or CDs is very very very slow and exe files aren’t read properly. Movie DVDs work flawlessly.

If I put the drive into UDMA Mode 1, which is 25MB/sec BTW, the drive works perfectly.

I’ve tried a different burner on the machine and that has no troubles at UDMA33.

My drive has firmware 1.06.

Would this be more a firmware problem or a harware one?

I havn’t tried burning yet on either UDMA mode.

Replace the cable, drive has to be in UDMA2 mode.

This is odd, very odd. cable is fine but the drive doesn’t like being in my case, and I’m not talking about shorts or grounding.

As long as the drive is within the confinds of my case, I get the symptoms expressed above, even being held by me in basially free space. As soon as the drive is even half moved out of the case, it works perfectly. Again this is only in UDMA2.

Could this be a faulty drive?

A very wierd problem.

Is the IDE cable an 80 conductor type?
If not, as chef suggests, try a new cable with 80 conductors.

80 connectors for a UDMA 33 drive :confused:

I’ll certainly give it a go :slight_smile:

EDIT On second thought, I can see the logic, it’ll get a better signal.

EDIT Success, working fine now. Still odd that it’s the only drive that has ever done this to me in about 7 or 8 years.

Thanks guys :clap:

There is no reason whatsoever to use 40 wire cables for anything anymore. The 80 wire will always do the job and will eliminate problems such as this. I got caught once in my brother’s computer with a Pioneer drive and I never want to feel that dumb again.