4550A problem

Hi Guys

I’ve just received and installed a 4550A, now yet up graded the firmware. Problem is the drive will play audio CD’s via Musicmatch Juke Box and WMP 10, it will burn a data CD (not yet tried DVD or audio CD) but will not read ANY discs (not even the data CD burnt on it). It comes up in windoze explorer as ‘please insert disc in drive E’ when trying to view… Any ideas?

Burn with verify and you’ll see the outcome.

Try to access media in REAL DOS or SAFE MODE.

Sorry, forgot to mention the disc burnt with the 4550 is readable via my other drive…

Some Software like Alcohol, CloneCD/DVD or Virtual Drives installed?

I’ve got Clone CD/DVD installed.

Then uninstall it and try again.
And remove InCd if that’s installed too.

I’ll give that a try this eveninig (when I get home from work).
I’ll report back…

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I’ve Uninstalled InCD, Clone CD and Clone DVD as suggested, still the same :sad:

Any ideas :confused:
All discs play/read ok in the pioneer drive.

Open Devicemanager, uninstall both IDE channels and the drive entry, then restart.
If it won’t work, then also follow the HOW TO link in my sig.

Still no joy :sad:

noticed firmware is already 1.07

I had the exact same problem after a fresh install of XP - no burner related software installed at all, just XP. I managed to solve the problem by assigning a new drive letter to the burner!

The drive letter assigned to the burner when the problem was present had previously been assigned to a HDD partition - which might explain why XP got confused in the first place. Nice programming M$ :Z

Maybe this is a result of an “zombiefied” IMAPI Burn Engine ressurected & running in the background?? :rolleyes: