4550 burner is great

Since Dee 27 pointed me in the right direction with the Panasonic software and the advice about using Panasonic Made in Japan DVD RAM media, I’m having a ball!

I’m not entirely sure what all the burn data printouts mean, but this is a great burner. It just works and very well on all types of media i.e… -R, +R and +/- RW as well as RAM. The thing you can do with DVD ram is so useful, I wouldn’t want do without it now. :slight_smile:

same thing like dvd ram you can do with a dvd rw and incd-packet writing software (if you can make it work).

First, that’s a big if, second, panasonic dvd-ram drivers don’t screw your disc up if your system bsods…

voxsmart, could you tell me which dvd-ram software are you using (link)?

Maciste, I gather these are modded Panny drivers to suit. If Dee27 says they are ok, I’m quite happy with that!


Perhaps I’m lucky alexnoe, I have never has the dreded bluescreen on any rig I have ever built and 3 of them are in use every day here!

These dvd-ram drivers work great for me :clap:

Burned today my first dual layer dvd-r on this drive, using a Verbatim
dvd DL-R. Plays perfectly on my Sony standalone player, but it won’t play is my Philips standalone player, which is a half year younger. Any advice is welcome.

Not exactly the same thing, as you can format the discs as Fat32 and every computer will “see” them as an HDD, so no need of packet writing software.

And if you use a external enclosure it will quite convenient.

You can also format it as UDF (2 flavours), but instead of the “ifs” with RW DVD-RAM will check as you record and make sure your files are as the original and with no recording errors…so a big difference I guess.

DVD-R dual layer are not as compatible as DVD+R dual layer.

DVD+R9 can be bitsetted to DVD-ROM and is far more copmpatible with dvd players.

Many dvd players don’t recognize dvd-r9 as a approved format and reject to play the disc.

Look at this review. http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/229/4