451s with Nero problem

Some days ago i got problem with burning CDs or DVDs with Nero.
It crashes just before end at 95-100 % but not yet finished. Nero stops responding but drive is working, cant eject until computer restart…
Everything was fine earlier, i was using original 451s and then 451@851 firmwares without any problem. I burned some audio CDs with EAC and seems ok. Do you know some reason or solution for this problem?

Tried a Nero uninstall, and re-install with the latest version of Nero? Checked your firmware is upto date, have there been any changes to the hacked firmware? Can you flash it back to a 451? Tested the drive as is in another PC? (if possible)

Just a few thoughts…

yeah, i have tried everything you said, thanks
now testing newest GSC2 firmware… will see the results