451S: Simulation on Nero greyed out

I have a 451S burner (firmware GSB4). When I try to burn data to a DVD +RW disc (Ricoh) using Nero, I get the burn dialog with the “Simulation” option greyed out.

Why is this the case? Is simulation not supported on the 451S or do I have to change some settings?


Did you manage to solve the problem? I have exactly the same probs…no idea how to fix it. Using Nero and same drive.


Simulation is only for the “dash” media types. The “plus” media types can’t be simulation on any burner (not just LiteOn).

Nero also seems to have a problem with simulation, as the simulation box would sometimes be grayed out even if I have a -R in the drive. If this is the case, then use something else, like the free DVD Decrypter, to simulate (but you can still do “dash” and not “plus”).