451s Seems slow

I’ve just bought a Lite-on 451s and it seems really slow. Both in creating HD images of DVD’s and in writing images back to DVD. I use nero 6 and it takes about 40 minutes to both write the image and burn the DVD, ie 80 minutes in total. This seems pretty slow. I’m running an AMD Athlon XP2000 with 640 meg. What speed should I be getting?

It depends on what media you are using (2x, 2.4x or 4x) and you’re computer specs.

It realy depends on the speed of your media. I use RW media for my HDD backup, and f.e. when I burn an image on DVD-RW media @1x it lasts about 40 minutes as well.
Please, check it.


I’m using shintaro 4x media. Made a bit of a improvement when I set my IDE controller to DMI this seem to improve the speed about 25%. Still seems slow though. Time to burn a 4.5 gig dvd to an .nrg image is still about 30 minutes.

Also I ran the drive through Nero CD/DVD speed and most I got on the transfer rate test was about 3.9. This seems too low as the drive should be able to read at 12x?

Thanks for the replies.


Sounds like the media is unsupported in the LiteOn firmware you are using.

All unsuported media burn @ 2x (30 mins) even if the media says it’s 4x compatible when you bought it.
FYI 4x takes about 15 mins.

Download SmartBurn (found in tools guide in my sig) and check the max supported speed on that media.

Another thing, if you haven’t done it yet. Try installing the newest firmware for your drive. New media codes are usually added in new firmware.

If SmartBurn says the max speed should be 4x then it’s probably a software issue and you should try a different burning application to verify.
If it is a software problem, I’ve heard updating the the very newest version of Nero can help in some cases.

Have run Smartburn over the media and it says it should burn at 4x, so I think it might be a software issue.

I’ve updated to the GSB7 firmware which I think is the latest

It’s strange that the read speed is so low too?

Anyway I’ll keep working on it. Thanks for your help Ssseth.