451S not recognized bij NERO


I have a new pc with a Lite-on LDW451S DVD burner with GSB6 firmware .
Now I wanna use Nero (version to burn DVD’s but Nero didn’t recognize my burner.
I already looked at the Nero site, only the LDW400D, 401 and 421S are supported.
Is there a solution for this problem.
I saw a lot of stuff on this side about upgrade to GS08, is this an option.

I had the same problem with Nero 5 and the LiteOn burner and as far as I know the only way to solve it is to upgrade to Nero 6 or give the Sonic RecordNow DX software that came with your burner a try, at first I found it a bit strange after using Nero for so long, but after a few burns I started to like it and now I don’t think I want to upgrade to Nero 6. or you can try looking in the Recording Software Forum

Thanks coathi,

I will try the Sonic RecordNow DX software (is the cheapest solution), maybe I like it to.
Otherwise I try the upgrate to Nero 6.

I am running Nero and it works with my 451s just fine.

What is the difference between Nero and Nero ??

Hi pokettuk Nero is a updated version of Nero about every month or so Nero brings out a update and with it they fix up bugs and possibly add support for some of the new Burners that have been released , so as pchilson said now the new Nero Update might be supporting your burner as well. :wink:

I already downloaded the update files with the supported writers, but without succes.
I installed Nero and it works fine.
Problem solved