451s flashes orange



A friend of mine flashed his 451s with the official liteon firmware called DR4GSB7.zip. Upon restarting the computer the drive is detected in bios/windows but the led is flashing orange.

Is there anyway to fix the drive.

No there is no old firmware or eeprom backups to fall back on.


If your friend has a legitimate 451S, flashing to the official FW shouldn’t cause the orange flashing light. Are you sure that the drive is a legitimate real 451S (not 411S?). Is there anything else that was done that was not mentioned?

Yes, there is a way to fix this. But it would be nice to nail down what the cause is, as this is not supposed to happen… Anyway…

  1. Get the EEPROM Check Remover from here: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/patchers.html
  2. Use it to patch GSB7.exe (make sure it’s not read-only)
  3. Flash


yes i asked him to remove the drive from his computer it is a legitimate 451s, it has not been modded in anyway which made me quite surprised that it had problems.

I saw that tool when i was reading, what i can gather is that it removes the eeprom check, is that correct?


Originally posted by nitehawk
what i can gather is that it removes the eeprom check, is that correct?



The modded firmware did work. There is now one less RMA = cheaper prices for all.
Thanks code65536…


Such a problem caused by an official tool from Liteon would be a valid reason to request an RMA, however, that could end up being more of a hassle than just using a patched firmware.