451S don't want to be flashed with CG4E

I’m sorry if I’m posting again in a new 3d the same question I’ve posted in the 3d regarding CG4E firmware, but I wish to understand if nobody can help me or if nobody read my last post.
I have a 451@851 with CG2B firmware. I’m very satisfied of its job but I wanted to test also the new Codeguys firmware CG4E (DL capability). For this reason I downloaded CG4E from Codeguys’ site, and, after applying OP only for bitsetting and reading speed, I flashed 451 with the new firmware. The flash step went OK but this causes continuously reboot of the PC (this happens not at the beginning of the boot but just at the end, when w2k is up).
At this point I tried to flash the firmware with Mtkflash (1.80.0 downloaded from dhc014’s site, command line from the same site and CG4E.bin from OP) but the problem didn’t solve. If I flash the old firmware CG2B with Mtkflash the problem disappear and the 451 is alive.
It seems that the problem is CG4E firmware. Is it possible? Can anyone help me?

Probably caused by packet writing software, ide device driver or your ASPI layer. Attach the text output of nero infotool as text file attachment to check your config details.

Thanks ala42 for the reply.
I made other tests. I’m able to flash my 451 with firmwares CG2B and CG3B but not with CG3E and CG4E. Even CG3E causes the continuously reboot of the PC.
The difference between these firmwares is that CGxB has a particular version for x51@832 while CGxE has not. Can be this the problem?
Anyway, as ala42 requested, I attached the txt given by nero infotool.

configuration.txt (2.66 KB)

All the interesting stuff is missing in your attachment. After you press the save icon, make shure all checkboxes are selected in the next window.


The complete Infotool output is attached.
I hope this can help.


Is there any difference between CG3B and CG3E (also CG4E) that can cause this problem? Can be that CG3B has a dedicated version for crossflashing of 451/851 while CG3E has only one version for all drivers?

Thanks for helping me.


CG3B is VS0B and CG3E/CG4E is VS0E. All of the current CGxx files on our sight, are compatible with all 51S and 2S drives (some of the older version 3s were not). Nothing about the quality patch has any effect on the drive during Windows startup, only during a burn.

The problem you’re having is a Windows driver problem.

1/ Uncheck the option for AnyDVD to run at startup and reboot.
2/ Try switching your drive from slave to master (leave the other drive disconnected) and see if this corrects the problem. Your DVD writer should be the master drive anyway.
3/ I’ve heard of problem with the Patin-Couffin drivers. Do you really need this driver installed?