451s dead?

yesterday evening I tried to flash in my 451s@851s with the new firm by C0deguys GSC2. Everything went well but, at the very end, when PC had to reboot, power supply went off. After many and many kind words (#@*##!!!), some cigarettes and jabs on the wall, main power returned but the DVD writer wasn’t recognized. The problem is that also the BIOS doesn’t see the 451s. The master was secondary slave so I shifted it to secondary master but nothing. I put in the secondary master another CD-ROM and it was seen by BIOS and OS so I can exclude misfunction of the secondary channel. Maybe the worst thing is that there is a smell of burnt plastic from the power plug of the writer (I don’t know if it is normal, I haven’t smelt it in the past).
What do you think? It’s better I buy another DVD-writer?
If the problem is the 451s main supply, do you think that after opening the DVD-writer I can give it new life substituting some pieces?
Thanks for helping me.

I’d say try using MTK Flash and one of the original firmware versions for the 451S - these files will be in .bin format. You’ll need a DOS Startup floppy and then flash the drive via DOS. It should hopefully be recoverable with this method since MTK Flash has a pretty good success rate for recovering Lite-On drives. :slight_smile:

Thanks Braxas,
but I forgot to mention that I have already tried to use Mktflash with the DOS floppy from dhc014 site. During the boot from the floppy, the OS tells me that there isn’t any CD-ROM. At this point I thought that I could do nothing. Do you think that I can use Mktflash even if the 451s isn’t recognized by the system?
Thanks again for the help.

I think people have had success with that. I’ve never had my 451S that messed up where it couldn’t even be recognized. I’d give it a shot, just as long as you specify the correct ide bus settings for MTKFlash I think it might have a chance of working or at least I’ll hope it does for you. :slight_smile:

This is why MtkFlash is so great–it works even when your system can’t recognize the drive. :slight_smile: It is capable of doing a blind flash. Heck, there are people who have successfully flashed their drive with MtkFlash even if they did something unorthodox like disconnect the drive and reconnect it only after they’re in DOS (after the BIOS detection and such). Your drive should be recoverable. Give it a try. :slight_smile:

One thing to add… you don’t need to use a 451S .BIN to do this. You can directly use the GSC2 .BIN file. Use XFlash-X to extract a .BIN out of the GSC2 flasher and use that file to recover your drive.

A few hints, in case you run into any problems…
1/ Use the “build your own mtkflash” thing on dhc014’s site… it’s pretty neat :slight_smile:
2/ Use version 1.80.0 (supposedly, it’s better than .1 for LiteOn drives… remember, though, you will need /B if you’re using .0, though the build-your-own-command thing will let you know)
3/ Use the /M flag

Good luck!

Thanks code65536 for the reply and for your GREAT work!!!
I will follow your instructions but I have only a question: I thought that the usage of /M flag was intended only for the backup of the firmware, isn’t it? As I already have the backup of the firmware (your GS0H final version) I think that I don’t need /M. Am I right?
Now I have to wait till this evening (Italy’s evening, now is 10am) before seeing if my 451s will live again.
Thanks a lot

/M basically tells MtkFlash that you the firmware that you are sending it is in 1 file (the firmware contains 16 parts… it tells MtkFlash that the file you send it contains all 16 parts and that all 16 parts should be loaded). MtkFlash usually is smart enough to know that without having been told (it can see the file size and figure out that it contains all 16 parts), but very mysteriously, there have been a few cases recently when MtkFlash needed to be told that explicitly, which is why I suggested it. In any case, giving it /M shouldn’t hurt the flash process any bit, and it might save you a few headaches.

/M is also used when backing up the firmware, because it tells MtkFlash to back up all 16 parts and not just 1 of those 16. Because /M is used during backup, it may get confused with the actual backup command (which is the “R” for “read”)

Great news: my 451s lives again!!! Thanks a lot code65536 and Braxas for your help.
You don’t know the relief I had when I saw that the flash went well and DVDinfopro told me that the firmware is GSC2. I’m satisfied.
Mtkflash is really wonderful. It can resuscitate also the dead.
Thanks again

That’s fantastic, anbe. I’ve also loaded GSC2 using the omnipatcher. I’m anxious to see how it works - working on encoding a DVD currently (Batman Forever/Batman & Robin movies together) so I won’t know for another few hours to see how it burns off on MCC 002 (Verbatim DataLife +R media).

I’ll probably do a burn on my HP 420i and the 451S@851S and kprobe both for comparison’s. I’m very curious. :smiley: